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Just some Winner doodles I uploaded recently on my new winner twitter account (for winner spazzing and fanart): @bingWN

Prison AU Kai for MANDAAAAAA!! Our own little exchange bc we’re always late to the fandom art exchanges >____> (also first exo drawing in months omg hi)

Chanrilakkuma with his friends :D *do not edit/repost*

Haikyuu captains after my heart~~~~~ 

Print for AX! I’ll be at table A14 (right next to the left side of the copic booth if you’re coming from the exhibit hall side!)

"Multiply" Haikyuu Partners illust book has finished printing and arrived to me! :D These books will be available at Anime Expo next Thurs-Sunday at artist alley table A14 (me) and A8(Tea) for $20~

Quick flip through of the book on my instagram here:

We’re working on the preorder sticker sheets and waiting on the metal keychains to arrive to us (right after AX i think!) so as soon as they are here and ready, we will be shipping out all preorders! There were an overwhelming amount of preorders so it might take a few extra days to ship everything out. Thank you sooo much for all your support!!

Preorders ARE still open for a few more days and will end on July 1st! Grab your copy along with a free sticker sheet (not available after preorders end)~~ :D CLICK HERE for preorders!

"Idiot… get off my table."

My Oikawa x Iwaizumi piece from the Haikyuu!! “Multiply” Partners Illust Book~ Preorders are going on until July 1st! Grab your copy along with a free sticker sheet (for preorders only!) here: [CLICK ME]

KageHina spread for the upcoming Haikyuu MULTIPLY partners illust book! :D PREORDER now (for extra perks!!)~~~ :D

Cover for “Multiply”, a Haikyuu partners themed illustration book!

You can preorder the book now here: [CLICK ME!]
Preorder perks include a free kagehina birds metal keychain (limited supply and first come first serve) and a sticker sheet (with all preorders)~ :D

Haikyuu!!MULTIPLY" illust book PREORDER OPEN~

- Presented by Bing and Tea, with guests!
- 35-40 pages full color illustrations
- Partner pair themed, including but not limited to: Kageyama x Hinata, Daichi x Suga, Tsukki x Yamaguchi, Asashi x Nishinoya, Kuroo x Kenma, Iwaizumi x Oikawa. 

Preorders will end on JULY 1 and estimated shipping will be mid July.

Limited supply of Kagehina birds metal keychains (see design above in the banner~) will be given out to preorders, first come first serve! All preorders will include sticker sheets.

Kill la Kill x Orange Caramel, because I can :D :D :D
I’ll have this as a print at Akon(table B9) this weekend (and AX/San Japan in July)~

huhuhu Haikyuu partners stickersheet that i’ll have starting Akon (table B9) this weekend!! Also going to have acrylic charm versions of these babies soon!!!! :D

影山 雄 x 日向 陽, Flight pair~ *do not edit, repost*

吴亦凡 加油

14.04.20 Happy birthday Luhan~~~

14.04.20 Happy birthday Luhan~~~

14.04.12 - Happy Birthday to baby Sehun~
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