melted ice cubes

I’m back from my Korea/Japan trip and my online shop is back open!

Please click the READ MORE button to find out what’s new at the shop and what limited time promotions/discounts are available!

I have moved from bigcartel to storenvy, so the new shop is HERE!

By popular request, I have opened limited sales on my EXO Swimming Club print and you can buy it as either one 11”x17” print with all 4 panels on one print, OR as 4 mini prints of the 4 panels. I will NOT be selling these at conventions so online will be the only way to buy these, sorry!

To celebrate EXO’s success with Growl, I’m doing a limited time promotion code~ Use the code EXO12 when checking out and get 12% off all EXO goods at my store (excluding artbooks)! This code is good for use until October 05, 2013 (exactly 14 days starting from today, one for each of EXO’s wins :D)

I also found a little shop that sold these really awesome gold metal stickers of the EXO emblems and bought a bunch to share with you guys! The first 10 people to spend over $75 at my shop will automatically receive one of these metal stickers! I only have 10 of these (I bought the last 10 at the shop l o l) and once I run out, I’ll let you know and if you’d like, I will be including a regular chibis sticker sheet with your order instead. :D

Also, from now on, all US domestic orders over $75 will receive FREE SHIPPING, calculated automatically upon checkout. :D

And lastly, I am running low on the Hunhan and Kaisoo cellphone dust plugs and a few select member keychains as well. I’m not planning on remaking them after I sell out, so get them while you can! :D

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