melted ice cubes

Kris x Chanyeol - Aftermath

It was a gift. They could have been banished to different realms for their sin—wings and hearts broken, both impossible to mend.
Instead, they were given the final minutes of every day. A moment long enough to give hope, yet so fleeting that it gifted nothing but a deeper yearning.
Their final seconds together triggered panic in Chanyeol’s searching eyes and Kris struggled to find the right words of comfort, only to settle on the three simplest.
But he was too late. The clock struck twelve hollow chimes, unforgiving as they drowned the words of a love that wasn’t meant to be.

This actually started as a small doodle to play with dark and light patterns and somehow turned into this idea of angels Kris (fallen) and Chanyeol in a love that can never be. Lovely words above were written by my dear Stacy to provide a backstory to this drawing. :D

I’ve also included a detail shot of their face and the clock, so enjoy~ <3 Also, when reblogging, please keep the descriptions, since the words are so important to the image. Thanks!

Please don’t take this drawing out without crediting and linking back to me and please let me know if you have reposted it anywhere else.

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