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With the current events happening with EXO and Kris, I probably won’t be drawing any of the boys for awhile. I still love all of them dearly and will continue to support in any way I can, but I’m just taking a break from exo fandom for awhile because everyone talking about it just makes me really uncomfortable and emotionally distressed.  I’m not leaving, just taking a break.

I’m deep into sports anime/manga because right now that’s what’s making me really happy again so you’ll be seeing a lot of haikyuu/yowapeda fanart (and hopefully original art too) on this blog.

If you were following me purely for EXO fanart, feel free to unfollow if you don’t want to see other fanart/original art because honestly, it’s going to take awhile before I’m able to draw them again. Everyone stay strong and please don’t hurt any of our precious boys further with negative comments and useless speculations.

吴亦凡 加油

I’ve been sucked into cycling hell and I blame it to these 3 boys ; A ; (and Maki-chan LOL) New print for Fanime coming up in 2 weeks!

Have some more Yowapeda art planned and some Haikyuu too, then it’s back to EXO for awhile for me :D :D :D Sorry I haven’t updated in a while!

Giving Kris and Luhan buttons away to my followers who will be attending KMF!

I’ll most likely be there starting at 4:00pm until 5:00-5:30?? The “galaxy” is just so I know you’re actually coming after reading this post or the post on twitter (and not some random stranger who wanted freebies haha), since this is a thank you to my lovely followers.

I’ll take a photo of where I am when I get there and I’ll be tweeting it, so follow my twitter here: @meltedicecubes or just check it when it gets closer to 4pm :D SEE YOU THERE if you’re going!

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14.04.20 Happy birthday Luhan~~~

14.04.20 Happy birthday Luhan~~~

I’m at Sakura Con artist alley table 503! Just go down the 500 aisle and I’ll be here all weekend~ :D

14.04.12 - Happy Birthday to baby Sehun~
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14.03.26 #HappyXiuminDay~ Do not edit/repost!

(Close up crop: HERE)


i will say particularly with the exo fandom, where i have the most extensive knowledge on, fanfics are a pretty big thing. we have subconsciously glorified too many fics that have left an emotional impact to us and because of that things are becoming difficult. so i’m making this…

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青梅竹马 (Childhood friends) - Kris x Luhan 
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Just wanted to paint something quick in an hr and ended up painting Sehun. No ref used this time to keep myself loose and not get all caught up on making it look just like him. :D
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I’ve wanted to make some for a while and now finally have a chance to make some for people who’d like to purchase one! :D

This is preorder only, which means I’ll only make as many cases as I get orders for during preorders and won’t be selling cases after the preorder period ends.  The manufacturer can only make these flip cases for iphone/samsung galaxy/samsung galaxy notes so that’s all the phone models I can make these for.


I made SHINee 1.5” acrylic charms that are glossed and double sided!! They were really pricey to make but they turned out very very good so I’m super happy with them! I only have a super limited quantity of each right now since this was just a test run, so get them before I run out of them!

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"There really isn’t an idol better than you, listening to fans seriously and answering all the questions. When we asked you if your things are heavy, if we need to help you carry any of it, you said "yes it is heavy, so I should (be the one to) hold them". Even though you were feverish, you still satisfied all the fans’ requests time and time again.

Security won’t let you go out the regular route and you explained again and again that these fans have been waiting outside for you for so long just to see you, that you won’t go outside, you’ll just wait at the door to greet them, but the security still took you to the VIP route. I will never forget your expression during that time.

When you were still picking up your luggage and saw security pushing fans, you rushed over to the security and yelled “Don’t touch them, let me talk to them, don’t touch them!”

The Wu Yifan that always faces fans with a sincere heart and believes/trust them is the best idol that makes it hard for fans to leave.

Please recover from your fever soon! Even as you were speaking with a muffled (lacking energy) voice, you were still telling fans to not catch a cold and spend this chinese new year happily. <3”

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